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Professional Services

What We Provide
Doctor Cool Aircon Cleaning


We also offer the following aircon related services in Singapore:

  • Supply and install new unit of air conditioning system

  • Chemical cleaning for air-con condenser

Standard Service


  • Check and clean air conditioner air filter and cover

  • Check aircon bio-pure or deodorising filter

  • Check and clean aircon indoor cooling coil

  • Check working condition of condenser

  • Flush drainage system

  • Check and clean aircon condenser coil

  • Check aircon compressor suction and discharge pressure

  • Check and lubricate aircon motor bearing (If necessary)

Gas Topping Service


  • Check and monitor the air con gas level

Types of AC gases
  1. R410A – commonly known as Puron (its brand name). R410A is used in all the latest air conditioners now. It is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and does not affect the ozone layer.

  2. R22 – commonly known as Freon (its brand name). It is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), thus contributes in ozone layer depletion. R22 was discontinued for use in residential air conditioners due to their harmful effects on the environment.

Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced in gas topping services and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Doctor Cool gas filter
Doctor Cool Chemical Wash
Chemical Overhaul Service


  • Use High Quality Chemical solution to wash the water tray, fan blower and coil.

  • Water Pressure to Coil rinsed down.  

  • Break all the the Air Con Parts.

  • Wash the filter

  • Install fan coil unit and connect electrical wiring and refrigerant piping

  • Vacuum copper pipe  

Troubleshooting Service


  • Check through different kinds of problem in the field.

  • Some of the possible causes of failure in the system are listed in the air conditioner troubleshooting guide below. ​ Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced, and will be happy to provide advice on the best and efficient approach to troubleshooting and get your system up and running fast.

  1. Suction Frost ​

  2. No Cooling Effect

  3. Low / High Pressure switch cuts-off

  4. High Pressure side too high / low

  5. Low Pressure side too high / low

  6. Both Low Pressure and High Pressure too high / low

  7. High Pressure too low

  8. Low Pressure too high

Doctor Cool Troubleshooting service
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