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Doctor Cool Aircon Cleaning


Explore our FAQ to get all the advice you need on living  and non-frustrating !!

  • What does the General Service cover ?
    Our general service covers the followings: - Check and clean air filter - Check bio-pure or deodorising filter - Check and clean indoor cooling coil - Check working condition of condenser - Flush drainage System - Check and clean condenser coil - Check compressor suction and discharge pressure - Check and lubricate motor bearing ( If necessary )
  • Does the general service include top up gas & chemical wash ?
    No. Top up gas & Chemical cost is a separate charge from general service. For pricing, please contact us for detail.
  • Any hidden cost ?
    There is no hidden cost for our service. We will recommend whatever our finding during our aircon service (Eg. Insufficient Coolen Gas and required to top up) and we will provide the price immediately, we will only proceed those additional work upon confirmation. All additional work is subject to approval. Not compulsory.
  • Any charge for troubleshooting ?
    For troubleshooting there is $30 charge.
  • How often should I have the air con serviced ?
    Generally, we should perform an air con service within every 3 month for household air con, and every month for commercial air conditioner. You are advised to perform a service while you notice the air con is not providing a satisfying temperature.
  • Can i do my own air conditioner maintenance ?
    Yes, you may perform a cleaning of air filter and outer panel of the air conditioner every 2 weeks. Its helps to improve the air conditioning of the room, but to maintain your air con in the perfect condition you are always advised to consult a professional and qualified air conditioner servicing technician.
  • Why is the air conditioner making noise ?
    The noise is always generated from dirty indoor fancoil/ outdoor condenser. Loose mounting of component in the air conditioning system or faulty parts in the air conditioning system are the reason that causes the noisy air con. click our blog for further info.
  • Why is the air conditioner having smelly musty ?
    Bacteria is formed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fancoil unit.Sometimes insects or other living objects stuck in the fancoil unit will cause the air con to smell bad. When the smell is very bad you may need to engage professional and qualified air conditioner servicing technician to perform an intensive chemical treatment to rectify this problem.
  • Why the aircon operating normally but the temperature is not cold (aircon not cold) ?
    The air conditioning system basically comprises of 2 sections which are the indoor fancoil and the outdoor condenser. The indoor fancoil simply acts as a blower to dissipate the cooling generated by the outdoor condenser. If there is no cool air blowing out from the indoor fancoil, the outdoor condenser might not be working. Technician should troubleshoot on the outdoor condenser. Besides there are few more common reasons which cause the aircon is not cold:- • Door or windows are not well closed • Air filter or cooling coil clogged • The aircon parts may be malfunctioning or deteriorate • The aircon’s is undersized • Wrongly set aircon mode, not cooling mode
  • Why is the air conditioner leaking water ?
    A common air conditioner will have water condensate in the indoor fancoil and the water condensate is discharge through a draining pipe to the nearest output. When the drainage piping is clogged will lead to the leaking of water. Generally aircon servicing will involve the cleaning & vacuuming of the drain pipe which may rectify the pipe corkage.
  • Why is the room not cold enough even after the aircon been running for few hours ?
    There are few common reasons that cause the air conditioning system not cold Reason 1: The air conditioner installed is under-sized. Reason 2: The outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in incapable of producing cooling refrigerant. Reason 3: Less refrigerant in the air conditioning system. Reason 4: The indoor fancoil is dirty which results in weak dissipation of cool air
  • Why is the aircon not working ?
    Electric power supply usually is the main reason which causes the above situation. It is advisable to perform initial check on your electrical panel making sure that the electrical supply to the air conditioner has not trip. Upon confirmation of the availability of electrical supply, you should find a qualified technician to have the air conditioner service or repair.
  • Why need to services the aircon regular and what is the advatanges ?
    Regular service of your air conditioning equipment will provide the following benefits: Benefit 1: The air conditioner will perform better and reach the delighted temperature. Benefit 2: Power Saving in order to save your utilities bills. Benefit 3: The air con equipment lifespan will be prolonged. Benefit 4: There will be less need for aircon major repair. Benefit 5: Aircon leaking will be minimized.
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