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7 Common Misconceptions On Topping Up Aircon Gas

It is important, living in Singapore, that you have on your contact list an experienced and qualified technician to regularly check up your air condition unit.  One service that is always present in the checklist of any aircon professional is the topping up of aircon gas. But not all are familiar with aircon top up gas; the result, many misconceptions arise. 

The next time you will need to top up aircon gas, you should bear in mind the following misconceptions and be guided accordingly:

Topping Up Aircon Gas is not necessary Due to the fact that many people are not familiar with this aircon service, they tend to ignore it. They also believe that their aircon can function well without undergoing this service.  Well, this is quite a BIG NO. Let me state the different reasons why the above statement is not true. • Topping up aircon gas is one of the most common services that aircon specialists render to their clients in Singapore.  • Many residents in the country know as well as understand the advantages and disadvantages if their air conditioner unit does not undergo topping up.  • It is a major aircon service that is being provided all throughout Singapore.  So, the next time you have your aircon checked, do not forget to remind a technician, if ever he forgets, to top up your aircon gas. Topping Up Aircon Gas is not part of the regular maintenance program Contrary to what other people believe, topping up your aircon gas is indeed included in the regular maintenance program of all aircon service companies. It is in fact one of the first services that is rendered during the maintenance program. 

Take note of the below statements: • Some people believe that you need to pay a separate price just to have your aircon gas topped up. Well, it is definitely a MYTH.  • A maintenance program cannot proceed without topping up your aircon gas because successive services are dependent to this aircon service. Topping Up Aircon gas is easy to do This service is definitely not one of those easy-to-do aircon services. It covers a wide array of things; it tackles the Freon, compressor, evaporator and a whole lot of things which will be discussed later in this article. This service takes about several hours to finish depending on the condition of the air conditioning unit. Topping Up Aircon gas is not connected with the efficiency of the air conditioner This statement is another BIG MYTH. Considering the fact that topping up aircon gas is about dealing with Freon as well as compressor, you can already conclude that they deal with the most important parts of the air conditioning unit. As such, it cannot be true that if your Freon leaks, it will not have any effect on the efficiency of your air conditioner. The reason why many people think that this service is not connected to the efficiency of an air conditioner is because they do not really know what this service is all about. Topping up Aircon gas does not help in decreasing the energy consumption  It is really is not true. When your aircon gas is topped up, it will follow that your energy consumption will also decrease. Topping up can provide the following advantageous services: • Topping up fixes the leaks in the Freon. • Topping up repairs the problem in the whole air conditioning system. Of course, it will automatically follow that your energy consumption will decrease. Therefore, you will not just save energy, you will also save money.

Low gas level in your air conditioning unit is not a cause for alarm Many people ignore it when someone tells them that their air conditioner’s gas level is low. Well, it should not be the case. The moment you hear or find out from someone that the gas level of your air conditioning unit is getting low, the first thing that you need to do is to call an aircon technician.  Remember the below statements: • Low gas level pertains to a slight leakage in the air conditioning system. Although it is just small, it needs to be repaired immediately to maintain its functionality.  • If your air conditioning unit is relatively new, it is much easier to fix because it has natural connections that can avoid leaks.  • But if your unit is already old, an aircon technician needs to perform a more complicated procedure; which of course is more time-consuming. Failure to top up your aircon gas is not costly Many people neglect the fact that they need to have their aircon gas topped up because they believe that the failure to do so will not cost them a lot. Well, sadly it is indeed costly. When you fail to have your aircon gas checked by a trusted aircon technician, chances are the leaks as well as breakage within the system will lead to a more complicated problem. The compressor of your air conditioning unit can breakdown and chances are it needs to be replaced—which is undeniably costly. Other things that can happen when you fail to have your aircon gas checked are the following: • Because of low gas level, air conditioner’s evaporator coil can be frozen which can freeze up in time. In some instances, it is not just the evaporator coil that needs to be replaced or repaired; the whole system must also be replaced too. • Due to the fact that Freon, which is a refrigerant gas, is considered as a controlled substance, it is absolutely perilous when it became exposed to environment. Thus, Freon as well as other related parts should also be replaced which means another expense on your part.

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